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Miley Collections

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Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Collections

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Miley Cyrus & Max Azria

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Ashley Tisdale, Miley had idolized Ashley and make her as a role model.
Britney Spears, who first bought the CD is the album Britney.
Cinnamon, don't try to give Miley this one, because she is allergic to cinnamon.
Destiny Hope Cyrus, the name given to her parents since birth, before known as Miley.
Emily Osment, her good friend role in the serial Hannah Montana, they often sleepovers together.
Franklin, the birthplace of Miley, outside of Nashville.
Guitar, Miley's favorite musical instrument. Given by her father at the age of 12 years. Now he's got 4 pieces guitar.
Hilary Duff, a fans of Duff. And never go to concerts when the age of 11 years.
Internet, famous likes to spend free time browsing the Internet and update their blogs.
Jessica Simpson, fans of Jessica's style. And hopes are invited shopping together.
Knit, Miley taught how to knit by Emily Osment, Miley instead teach her how to play guitar.
London, really in love with this city. She love all the cool buildings.
Maltipoo, have this type of dog named Sophie. Birthday gifts-16.
Nervous, very often feel nervous when going up the stage. Until she often forgot the lyrics.

Outspoken, admitted she was the type of person who always speak according to what the minds at that time.

Planes, Miley like a plane for him to sleep soundly and not bored during the flight.

Quotes, obsessed with collecting quotes to search in Google from love, happy, to sad quotes.
Her passion is often channeled via Twitter.

Ring, had a favorite ring engraved the word "Love". Her father was originally a gift to his mother. Now belongs to Miley.

Style, pleaded not got style. She was just wearing what she likes and be herself.

Two, the number of bands which are always worn on the left and right hand. Miley didn't release it until her mother thought "Its gross". In this edited photo bracelet is usually lost.

Universal, had a memorable experience when going to the studios of Hollywood Them Park. Everyone quickly recognized her and immediately following Miley. Terrible yet amazing for Miley.

Vanilla, Miley anything that smells like vanilla, especially perfume.

Weirdest, strangest gift a fan has ever obtained of the jacket. Miley asked where to buy his jacket? Fans of that immediately gave it to Miley.

Xtra, always ask for "Xtra whipped cream" every purchase favorite Starbuck.

Yourself, according to Miley that matters is believing in yourself. Then everything is possible.

Zits, just like other teenagers, Miley is also not confident when pimply, let alone the whole world could see through photographs. To prevent this, Miley wearing organic products.

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