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10 Random Facts About "MILEY CYRUS"

Former Cheerleader
It turned out that Miley is not only qualified in the singing field. Her body was flexible, so that she escaped a member of the cheerleading squad. She ever initiated a dance contest on YouTube.

Pharmacies Walk
If you check the contents of the bag Miley, will definitely find some medicine in it. She was always prepared with P3K, including medical plasters, cough medicines, ointments and eye drops.

Always Shown with Dad
Miley and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, are both starring in the series "Hannah Montana" as a child and father. Before Miley famous, she was the guest star on the father show.

Accrued Work at Home
Although a large income and famous, at house Miley just child for her father and her mother. Therefore she has a job at home that must be completed. Her job was washing dishes, Miley is also obliged to church every Sunday with his family.

Must be Separated with Her Horse
When she moved from his hometown of Nashville to Los Angeles, Miley reluctantly left some of their pets. No less than seven horses, three dogs and two cats abandoned in favor of pursuing a career in LA.



Using Language like Trendy
People say Miley was more mature than teenage peers. But it's just for looks. In daily life, she liked to use language that is trendy among peers. Favorite word is "That's Dope" (Wow cool!) and "Cool beans" (Good!)


Amazed by Hilary Duff
She was amazed at all the same Hilary Duff, her senior in the entertainment industry. Miley also idolized Ashley Simpson and Kelly Clarkson.



Very Confident
What is the secret of success of Miley? Tremendous confidence. Once when Miley was asked a reporter to describe what she is genuine. Without hesitation she replied, "Coolest Person Ever!"


've Got Biography
Age may be young, but Miley feels her experience was enough color so that it was time to have a biography. To publish her biography with Disney Book Group, Miley get paid millions of dollars.


Very Like Tomato Sauce
What foods are not afforded Miley? None. The most expensive food could easily be in the message. But Miley's favorite food is tomato sauce that price is not expensive. Because very like tomato sauce, Miley loves to eat tomato sauce from the bottle.

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  1. Miley rutin bangun jam 5 pagi untuk membaca Alkitab, setelah itu tidur lagi.
  2. Sangat suka pelajaran Astronomi.
  3. Suka banget shopping, terutama sepatu. Setiap hari sepulang syuting Miley bareng mamanya pasti shopping. Ayahnya saja sampai kesal dengan kebiasaan Miley yang satu ini.
  4. Waktu kecil Miley dipanggil "Smiley" oleh ayahnya, karena Miley selalu tersenyum.
  5. Suka banget sama binatang. Miley punya 7 kuda, seekor ikan, 3 kucing, 6 anjing dan banyak ayam.
  6. Miley adalah vegetarian, tapi gk suka sayuran (aneh).
  7. Kebiasaannya menggigit kuku.
  8. Takut sama laba-laba.
  9. Selalu pake cincin bertulis "Love" yang di dapat dari mamanya.
  10. Dolly Parton adalah ibu baptis Miley.
  11. Selalu dipanggil "Destiny" sama neneknya.
  12. Mau banget bisa nyanyi bareng Kelly Clarkson.
  13. Mau banget liburan ke Italia.
  14. Sanagt mengagumi ibunya "Tish Finley Cyrus".
  15. Miley paling susah nyimpen rahasia.

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