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Love That Lets Go (Hannah Montana ft.Billy Ray Cyrus)

There's a gold frame,
That sits by the window.
And my heart breaks,
A little more each time I try,
To picture the memory inside.

There's a notebook,
It's to hard to read it
But if you look,
You'd see how you look through my eye's,
But now one more chapter's gone by,
And I know...

It's time to move on;
Even though I'm not ready.
I've got to be strong,
And trust where you're heading.
Even though It's not easy (not easy),
Right now the right kind of love...
Is the love that let's go, go

There's an old dance that we've done forever
You give me your hand, but let me decide when to reach
You always let me be me
But now's my time to take chances
And find my own wings
And whatever happens
I know you'll be there waiting for me

It's time to move on, even though I'm not ready
I've got to be strong, and trust where I'm heading
And even though it's not easy, (it's not easy)
I know the right kind of love

Doesn't wanna miss the future,
Or stand in the past.
It will always hold on;
But never hold you back.
And even though It's not easy (not easy),
Right now the right kind of love
Is love that let's go.
It's time I let you
With a love that let's

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